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Impact Solo Ads

Generate High Impact Results From Quality

Traffic That Literally Gets Your Offers In Front Of Curious Visitors –

Warm traffic doesn’t have to be confusing or impossible – but getting your offer in front of the right people is what this is all about…

I will let my current customers and clients prove the results for themselves…

My clients come to me on a routine and repeat basis for a very good reason – and that is because I know how to deliver quality traffic at a very reasonable rate, and very few know this better than my current client pool.

See the high impact results for yourself –

Introducing MLM & Biz Opp Visitors

Solo Ads On Steroids

These leads are people that have been around my own businesses, and they are interested and curious about MLM and Business Opportunity offers –

Vistors are guaranteed to reach your page, see your offer…but anything beyond that is up to them – though th ey are prescreened and proven to be interested and reactive to MLM & Biz Opp type offers, and sevearl are willing to try out new system to see what you have to offer.

If you have any questions, it is recommended that you reach out prior to buying in order to clear up any questions or confusions you might have…my email is heavysm@gmail.com.

Now…let’s get you some High Impact Results:

If you need a custom order – or a unique amount of clicksplease use this direct paypal link – to create a custom order. MagickisLife – is the other business I own. 

Wondering If Your Offer Fits My Traffic?
Contact Me To Discuss Your Offer

Email: heavysm@gmail.com

Contact Me!

The fastest way to contact me is through Facebook

Otherwise you can email me at heavysm@gmail.com


– Every order is final. Once the clicks have been ordered they can only be rescheduled, not refunded. Please check with me prior to your order if you have any questions.

– I reserve the right to cancel and refund your order if your offer does not suit my list.

– For each order you are guaranteed a number of unique clicks. I cannot determine the results you will get from my services, but it is guaranteed that your offer will be sent to my incredibly responsive email list.

– If you are not completely satisfied with your order, let me know and I will do everything within reason to satisfy you

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