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If only others understood how to use and change reality through

the power of subliminal audio technology…

Can You Imagine Getting The Ideal Life – Then Smashing Past Your Internal Blocks To Attract Pretty Much Anything You’ve Ever Wanted

Everything offered below is battle tested and ready to go – and though your experience might differ from those closest to me who have used these audios to create better lives…it is my firm belief that you will change your situation and life for the better as you gradually move through these audios and build up your positive subconscious beliefs – 

Here is what i have to offer:

Max Relax (1st gen – $110) – Helps you disconnect from stress and negative mental and emotional turmoil in general, then guides you to become far more relaxed. Guides you to be and sustain a calmer and more relaxed physical, emotional and mental state of existence. 

Lite Heal (1st gen – $110) – Guides you through a mild to moderate emotional and mental cleanse. You will know generally what your issues are and that they are gradually being dealt with with a mild cleansing. Can take 2 – 3 months of continuous use for this to adequately deal with internal problems, issues and blocks within your subconscious mind.

The Release Method (1st gen – $180) – Brings you to openly and genuinely…release and let go from past emotional discomfort, pain and anything that clings on from very deep in your past. Guides you to understand why things happened the way they did, and allows you to move on – possibly to other mentally rebuilding subliminals. 

Hand of God (1st gen – $130) – Discover yourself spiritually as you receive lightening strikes of understanding and insight about who you are…and what this world is about. Contains mild intuition boost, and understanding of life purpose. 

Dissolve Negativity (1st gen – $130) – Resolve…and remove – the causes of mind – and brain negativity and thinking that causes…tension, and complaints – and dive into far stronger and more resilient thinking, and far more – positive life outlook thinking…with a focus on removing and staying more positive – and far less negativity as a whole. 

Abundant Mindset (1st gen – $130) – Reprogram your mind, body and soul…to accept and think in terms of prosperity and abundance. You will gain the mindset of what true abundance means to you – as well as the mental and emotional programming you need to finally break away from lack, proverity and not having enough. Contains mild happiness and positivity programming. 

Remove Anxiety (1st gen – $130) – Gently remove and reduce your anxiety over the coming weeks and – possibly even sooner than that. As long as you are willing to listen for at least 3 hours per usage day…then there is no reason why your life should ever be bogged down by anxiety – almost…ever again. 

Life Detox (1st gen – $180) – Remove the mental and emotional head trash that leaves you weighed down and – causes you to feel as if life is completely off track. Use this subliminal for blocks of 3 – 4 months at a time to see how much emotional and mind garbage you can remove…can create a very intense life restart and emotional and mental reset for your life. 

Exercise & Fitness Amplifier (1st gen – $220) – This subliminal causes you to think…more tune with physical and – bodily fitness. You will be more focused on your workouts, and have generally more motivation and persistence to bring you to your fitness goals…much easier and – possibly even faster. 

Life Clarity Lite (1st gen – $700) – Mild release of everything nasty and negative from our past that isn’t serving us well at all, then guides us on a small detox and brings us more positive beliefs and emotions, then mildly boosts mental clarity – happiness, and personal well being.

Become Maximally Positive (1st gen – $130) – Overcome that nagging, complaining and balatantly negatively…just horrible mindset and thinking – which is almost a way of living for some people. You will notice a drastic positive change in the first 7 days and realize…that somehow…some way – the world is actually much happier and joyful than you ever thought (positivity programming and general life outlook booster). 

The Matrix Revealer (1st gen – $130) – Open your eyes to the 4th dimension and realize what you are truly missing in this world…everything is monstrously different than we have ever thought, and nothing will ever be the same as you discover and see that the spirit world and physical reality are nothing but two different sides of the same coin. Be Warned: This subliminal brings you into the universe of the angels and big brother and destroys the blocks that keep you seeing reality as just work, personal life…and nothing else. 

Creative Rampage (1st gen – $130) – Turn up your…imagination and feel that enthralling energy of the – most unique and empowering creative energy and sound waves…hitting your brain and mind. Allows you to work on projects and see reality…with greatly heightened perception, creativity – and the ability to see past, and through…otherwise impossible reality elements. 

Maximum Focus & Productivity (1st gen – $130) – Bring your mental focus and productivity to the next level with mind programming that removes that mental disclarity and unfocused thoughts. Then brings your entire being to an entirely different level…over a period of several weeks. As long as you listen for at least 3 hours daily, there is no reason why your brain – mind – and life should not considerably change within the next several weeks of consistent listening. 

Zen Mindset (1st gen – $130) – When life gets rough…do you want to be completely destroyed emotionally – or completely in tune with, however circumstances might change…because everyone wants to be in control of their minds…and emotions, but few have ever truly achieved that. Zen mindset can be yours…and is a very strong step in the right direction of mental and emotional development. 

Deep Heal (1st gen – $130) – Incredibly deep detox of everything from your present and past with deep and cleansing release of the negativity of your past with positive outlook, and mental clarity, insight and mild intuition boost to help balance everything out.

Spiritual Awakening (1st gen – $130) – Dive into who you truly are…and finally embrace, what it honestly – and genuinely means to be a spiritual human being on this planet. This subliminal helps open up your intuition and guides you…on finally understanding…what it might mean to understand your spiritual side – in a very subtle, but clear and…curious journey – to better knowing yourself, as a human being on this planet. 

Confidence & Mental Acuity (1st gen – $130) – Rewire your mind – and brain, to embrace a stronger self esteem and better…though also stronger, mental acuity and generally better memory. You won’t be disappointed with your mental and…personal growth gains, in this subliminal. 

Maximum Sleep (1st gen – $130) – Drive your sleep into another dimension as you drop old paradigms that cause you unrest and unbearable nights of…just not being able to drift off. This shifts your brain into a notably quieter state and guides you into very deep sleep almost within the few several minutes. 

Deepest Heal (1st gen – $180) – Experience the fullest and deepest release from current and past emotional, mental and physical negativity and subconscious garbage your life could possibly handle. Mild emotional buffer included, but this can be very intense if you have a lot of internal negativity you know that you cling onto.

Brain & Memory Amplifier (1st gen – $130) – Builds up your mind and brain so that your memory and focus is pushed into a much higher level – then develops your daily mental clarity, memory generally over several weeks and months of use. Best used while you are attempting to maximize your mental faculties…and gain a mental edge during intense or complex work and school life. 

Ultimate Sexual Attraction (1st gen – $250) – Enhances your energy in a way that helps those you find sexually attractive to notice and respond to you far more. As you heal away past and current sexual issues your energy and attractive force gets stronger and causes those you find sexually attractive to react to your energy. 

Mind Clarity (1st gen – $180) – Expand your mind, braiin – and life to new boundaries as you raise your thoughts and mental energy…to better assimilate far stronger, and greater thinking…better clarity, and far deeper mental thresholds of understanding your life, your problems – and resolving your issues and gaining better problem solving skills in the process. Your mind and brain get enhanced through a series of very life…bending advancements that brings everything – to a far stronger and greater level of clarity, in general. 

Ultimate Writer (1st gen – $180) – Bring your writing prowess and mind…into a much stronger and more efficient, and effective – gear of mental acuity and focus. This subliminal will bring the best writer out of you…no matter what type of written work that you do. If you want to become your best writing self – this subliminal will help you. 

Achievement Amplifier (1st gen – $130) – Brings you to a higher level of internal and personal motivation to get all needed elements in your life sorted and aligned togher – the job done…then shifts your general mindset to get into your work rather than begrudgingly bringing yourself to get your tasks done – now you are suddenly reprogrammed to be not just more positive about your work load…but actually productive and focused on whatever needs to be completed each day. 

Law of Attraction Master (1st gen – $220) – Develop your ability to attract and create the most…idea life, and finally undertand what you truly – want, desire and need in this life…and gradually become more positive and productive in your thinking – as you listen more. 

Business Success (1st gen – $1200) – Develop your mindset and internal foundation to create a stable and profitable business for long term growth that will propel you to newer and greater heights over time (highly recommended to use Deep Heal or Life Clarity Lite for internal clearing prior to usng this sub).

Life Purpose Amplifier (1st gen – $130) – Crank up your life, goals – and ambitions to perfectly align with the best possible life…while also aligning with your true life purpose. This audio removes the mental and emotional, head trash – and guides you into a drastically better, and stronger…life vision and path that actually might fit…who you actually are inside. 

Wealth Mind Amplifier (1st gen – $240) – A huge jumpstart for your money life and financial well being as you slowly and drastically amplify your core ideas about money, prosperity in general – then shift your thinking and actions to completely and fully align with whatever true and amplified prosperity means for you. The goal is to get your money situation greatly enhanced as you understand your money life incalculably better. 

Impossibility & Unfathomable Life Amplifier (1st gen – $220) – This is about living a very surreal and impossibly good series of events that makes everything just pop with excitement. If you want life to be a little crazy and impossibly good…then you might want to check this life explosion of a subliminal out – because nothing will ever be the same. 

Life Ultimate Success (1st gen – $240) – When you want a far more successful mindset – and life as a whole…then you need some serious…mind and brain – rewiring and…to rebuild your idea of long term success from the ground up. This audio can help you mentally, and emotionally – and physically get the life success mindset…and help you push toward reaching and achieving all of your life major and minor goals – in a positive and fulfilling way. 

Ultimate Success & Luck (1st gen – $180) – Changes your core beliefs so that you are thinking and eventually acting based on success and living a life that reflects true luck, fortune and serendipity as a routine and constant occurrence.

Life Clarity Prototype (1st gen – $2500) – Brings you to understand yourself, what you want out of life, then shifts your thoughts, beliefs and emotions to be far more positive and upbeat in general. Causes you to release from past tension and negativity in such a way that you can move forward with success and removal of negative money beliefs leading you to build a better financial life.

Listening Instructions – Use these audios daily…or as consistently as possible – for at least one hour daily. 

There is no maximum listening time, but you may feel effects as quickly as within five minutes of listening. 

Take notice of internal and external changes that the subliminals enact and guide into your life. 

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If you would like to – purchase the prototype…upgrade 2nd generation – of my subliminals…you must purchase the 1st generation first – then email me directly – to pay for the 2nd generation, and get that sent to you – via email. All 2nd generation audios are custom created…and you must have used the 1st generation – for at least 4 months, before you can use the 2nd generation. 

Please message me directly at heavysm@gmail.com if you have any questions about my subliminals. Each audio subliminal comes as a single water background track…with my messages embedded below the conscious threshold.

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