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Dissolve Negativity

Dissolve Negativity is a very short – and simple – extremely effective…subliminal that focuses purely on removing mental – mind chatter…and negative thoughts and feelings – that linger with those who have a lot of negative mind chatter, and – almost self talk…that removes their general positivity – and pushes them into a negative life outlook. Other subliminals might be very good and – powerful for complete life reprogramming but this one is for…reducing and resolving – as much of our internal and life negativity – as humanly possible.  

You are guided to… 

Remove – all of your negative mind talk…and mental chatter – in a way that you are freed from extremely mental and negative emotional – self talk. 

Mildly heal your past negative…brain – complaints…and mind blocks and limitations that might cause you to feel bad – or overwhelmed by negative thoughts…on a continuous basis. 

Embrace a far more lively – and lightly positive life attitude – as your brain and life…shifts into a much higher – and much less bogged down…gear of life positivity and – far more fulfilled…and positive life outlook. 

Change your mentality over time to train yourself not to think so negatively – as a whole. 

Remove the causes of mind, and life – negativity – stress and strain…in your world…and life as a whole as you listen over time. 

This subliminal uses my 1st generation subliminal technologies…and is designed to reduce – and ultimate help dissolve and resolve – all negativty…in your mind – and in your life. 

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