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Max Relax

Max Relax is made to bring you to past your negative and nagging internal tension and stress that bogs you down and prevents you from fully relaxing and embracing a far calmer and healthier demeanor. This is a very simple subliminal that is designed to cause mind, body and spirit to just…become calm and relaxed as quickly as possible. 

You are guided to… 

Quickly disconnect from stress and physically and emotionally become far calmer and generally just relaxed. 

Mildly guided to understand the causes of your stress more deeply and what you might need to do in general to deal with those things. 

Brings you to see how you can make your daily life and routine slightly more efficient so that you are more at ease with your work and life in general. 

This subliminal uses the 1st generation of my subliminal technologies…and is priced at $110 to give you a very small sample of what my audios can do. 

Click Here – To Buy Max Relax $114


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