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Resolve Life Trauma

Resolve Life Trauma is created to guide your conscious and subconscious deep mind to release, move on and let go, of excessive – deep, hardcore – or any similar extreme, mental life – and mind shock, and terror events. I do not claim that I have healed or resolved everything that exists, but I have resolved and healed myself, and many others and this subliminal does work, for the most extensive and privately…the worst situations and mental terror, and trauma life events I have ever seen. 

You are guided to… 

Reprogram your subconscious mind to deeply overcome and transcend all major mental terror and trauma events, and situations…eventually completely. This is done with very careful mind elevation and powerful subliminal messages and deep mind programming. 

Remove all life and emotional trauma and mind tension and strain, and bring yourself to a new level of mind and emotional freedom and serenity. This will be a new living reality, and world for everyone using this subliminal. 

Feel deep mind mental, and subconscious freedom from negative and adverse mind thoughts, and all things that might make this reality horrible, and sad or unhappy. I have used similar programming for those close to me, and my own life, and this works beyond marvelously to free your conscious, and deeper subconscious mind from all emotional and mental problems and duress. 

This subliminal uses the 1st generation of my subliminal technologies…and is regularly priced at $130 to give you a very small sample of what my audios can do [but can be downloaded free below – no free or charge]

Download Resolve Life Trauma

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The deeper and higher evolved, version of this subliminal, is reprogrammed for higher life purpose, and clearer thinking, with a bit of positive thinking and thinking balance. Once you are resolved of your upfront and deeply set emotional, and other life trauma – but desire something more, I implore you to consider Resolve Life Trauma version 2. This version is stronger but also targets more life elements, to help balance out your healing and restructuring journey, so that your brain might be more clear flowing…with greater and faster thinking, with some positive thinking programming in there as well.

Click Here – To Buy Resolve Life Trauma V2 $150


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