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Rocket Reader

Rocket Reader...was created to bring you into higher, and deeper reading with higher reading and thinking comprehension. You are also guided to gain higher levels of thinking, and reading so that you can read and more easily, gain understanding of reading materials where you might lose focus, or comprehension might normally be an issue. 

You are guided to…

Deeply enjoy a faster thinking, rate of reading, while also increasing your reading comprehension and overall intelligence…at all times.

Remove the blocks that prevent you from deeper and faster reading, and enhance your mind and thinking, reading comprehension and clarity at all times. You are also enhancing your in moment intelligence, cognition speeds…for greater reading quality, and higher mind cognitive processing so that…you might get more out of the reading, each and every time. 

Enjoy faster reading comprehension, and elevates state of reading and life clarity as you read deeper, and…get study harder. Your brain gains deeply from you elevating your, reading and life – brain processing speeds. You might even experience, elevated intelligence in general when you…when your brain elevates to higher reading, speeds and comprehension levels.

Remember more of your reading, as you train your brain to accept more information, and retain it. This way you can read, and grow your learning internal capacity, to learn and apply what you read. This can also be…applied to academic works, and professional work place, where faster and higher quality reading, would greatly benefit, the target. You will have higher reading, and life thinking comprehension, because you will…just understand the written word, faster.

This subliminal audio – improves your reading speed, and overall intelligence and, deeply boosts reading recall of information, and brings you into higher reading focus and calmer and more intelligent ways of thinking and reading, in general. 

This subliminal uses my 2nd generation technology…and can help change your…thinking brain, mind – and enable, much faster reading comprehension and speed – for an incredible…(life and mind) evolution. 

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