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The Release Method

The Release Method is literally psychological practice where you reflect and release from past emotional and mental pain – in various ways that the subliminal guides you through. The old method required a very special process and meditation in order to get everything working…but now this extremely powerful method exists as a very simple audio that you can listen to passively…and release actively!  

You are guided to…

Release and let go of past emotional and mental discomfort, pain and trauma that lingering in your subconscious and continually causes you strife and negativity. 

You care guided to move on from whatever it is that holds you back, and you are shown how differently freeing life can be without carrying your past discomfort with you – for years and years, without rest. 

This subliminal uses the 1st generation of my subliminal technologies…and is designed to give you a very deep understanding of yourself, and how you can move on…and into a new life entirely –

Click Here – To Buy The Release Method $187

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…if it happens that you, desire the lesser version of this subliminal – you can purchase version 0.4 below, which will more gradually bring you into the…release mind technique, and method of – life mind emotional, holistic releasing…

Click Here – To Buy The Release Method version 0.4 $62


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