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Awakening Kundalini

Awakening Kundalini...is created to help align and awakening your life spiritual path, through a very mind awakening and energetic, deep spiritual awakening. This might bring you to knowing your self and spiritual path a lot grander, and deeper, and this might cause you to…desire greater spiritual understanding and, higher life truth. This will definitely be an awakening that brings you to a greater spiritual level. 

You are guided to…

Develop and align your spiritual path, and life – self understanding as you concentrate and open your brain, and mind to higher spiritual astral ideas…and other realms of thought.

Remove the blocks that prevent you from opening your spiritual life path completely, and to totally elevate your spiritual conscious mind to far deeper and greater spiritual life, and universal world understanding. Remove all of the blocks that prevent your mind, and subconscious from elevating and holds you back in general – greater spiritual mind, and astral thinking energetic ascension.

Key points to consider…

Develop your spiritual mind, and elevate your life and spiritual personal ascension.

Clearly align and have your energy bodies elevate, and guide your whole life into higher – spiritual and personal self understanding…with higher desire to want to know and gain universal spiritual ascension truth.

Remove conscious and unconscious blocks that prevent, you from…spiritual understanding and knowing your spiritual self, deeply and greatly.

Brings you to have the more conscious, spiritual mind understanding. You will desire to understand greater spiritual matters, and to understand your own self and, personal life…through deeper spiritual self introspection.

This subliminal audio – elevates your spiritual mind, and greatly enhances, your self understanding. You will feel self spiritual growth, and tremendous life…grand and deep, understanding over time as your life path, and spiritual path align and you feel your energy bodies empower, and elevate your life as well.

This subliminal uses my 2nd generation technology…and can help change your… spiritual life and mind, through spiritual life elevation and understanding. This brings you into a higher mind state of spiritual being and elevation – and will guide you into – an incredible…(spiritual and life) astral mind evolution. 

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