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Intelligence Amplifier

Intelligence Amplifier...was created to enhance your general intelligence, and thinking power, by heightening your inherent, focus and concentration, and guiding your general memory recall to be higher, whilst also…gaining higher general intelligence quotient, or otherwise known as IQ. 

You are guided to…

Developing gradually quicker, and possibly much faster, and deeper general, altogether reasoning, and thinking which would be – most often associated with, deeper or greater overall intelligence. This subliminal, opens up your brain and mind, to have deeper and greater information recall, and general understanding so that you assimilate information faster, and thereby have greater overall intelligence and general, life focus.

Remove the blocks that prevent you from deeper and faster general thinking, and enhance your mind and general intelligence so that you can, focus deeper and longer and – enhance your…general intelligence quotient with constant and gradual use of this subliminal. The more you listen, the more you likely increase your memory, and general – overall intelligence to think faster, and greater…and to understand with greater ease and far less…general resistance.

The more you listen, the more you are, going to gain from this – very dynamic life changing, and mind – altering, higher intelligence, and greater – mind and brain, speed capacity subliminal.

…as a note, your general intelligence quotient, is not guaranteed to elevate, as per any noted tests, or quantifying methods, of measure…but with greater listening, your brain will be forced to operate at higher, and far more comprehensive levels, of memory and higher recall, and – higher overall, intelligence as a whole. So, be warned – that this is not about passing, any higher IQ numbers on physical or online IQ tests…but to physically live, a greater IQ and higher – general intelligence life, without hindrance, of the problems…that underlie, those with lower IQ, and thereby have…far more, emotional and mental – tie ups, and inherent, intelligence, issues and problems – in this life.

This subliminal audio – improves your overall intelligence, and thinking focus and recall, greatly…enhances, your intelligence in any other ways – that might benefit from overall, heightened intelligence and mind, and brain…greater, and deeper understanding.

This subliminal uses my 2nd generation technology…and can help change your…thinking brain, mind – and enable, much faster reading comprehension and speed – for an incredible…(life and mind) evolution. 

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