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Psychic Mind

Psychic Mind...was created to directly amplify, and elevate your internal mind, and gradually enhance your psychic mind, of intuition…and all higher senses that follow the intuition itself. This means that as you listen to this subliminal more, over time…that you may develop higher astral, and spirit plane awareness, including understanding of others, intuitively and more insight…on particular events, and how things might transpire over time. This subliminal opens your heart, and mind to all, related higher senses that can be…ever remotely awakened through subliminal audio technologies.

You are guided to…

Elevate your mind, and internal intuition and thinking power…so that you are more in tune, with the superconscious mind, and beyond…

Remove the blocks that prevent you from actively using and feeling your intuition (and training your mind to know how to use your intuition properly), and enhance thinking, and intuitive mind deeply. 

Understand that the higher senses, and psychic awareness comes from…deeper internal powers, including having higher intuition, and emotional intelligence as you assimilate higher, and deeper astral and spirit plane awareness, and grow…far deeper, with your intuition, and intuitive mind. 

Gain far greater, appreciation and understanding of the astral plane, and how having your third eye, and other psychic, and higher dimensional senses – including understanding, and being part of the astral…way of viewing life, where the astral plane, sits on top of all physical matter, ever. Which is why knowing and being part of, spiritual conscious awareness is very – grandly important if you want to survive, and thrive – in an ever…awakening, astral and conscious life…evolving world. If you enjoy my subliminals, or readings, you might greatly enjoy the…outcomes, and yield of this subliminal as it reaches into your mind, to help you understand, psychic physical phenomena as it – openly exists an relates, right in front of your face.

Have far deeper intuition understanding of life, and gain the psychic awareness…that is often associated with divination, and future sight, and even…detecting and feeling, near future and far future events, that might come to pass.

This subliminal audio – greatly raises your intuition and, gently enhances your psychic awareness, and brings you into far more intuitive thinking, living and being, with active – conscious intuitive thinking, and being, easier than you ever thought possible. 

This subliminal uses my 2nd generation technology…and can help change your…thinking mind, brain – and zen life, for incredible mind and (spiritual) incredible…evolution. 

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