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Ultimate Meditation and Intelligence

Ultimate Meditation and Intelligence...was created to give you a deeper than, zen and life meditation so that you can, also enjoy deeper creative thinking and higher all-around…intelligence, with a light boost of memory and thinking power, so that you can easily…stay calm, and focused on a regular basis, and also…live a stronger and more intelligent life. 

You are guided to…

Greatly enjoy a zen mediation while also increasing your general intelligence…at all times.

Remove the blocks that prevent you from actively meditating (and training your mind to know how to meditate), and enhance your mind and thinking clarity at all times. You are also guided to enhance your in moment intelligence for greater thinking, and higher mind and emotional control no matter…what life might throw at you. 

Enjoy elevated states of clarity, and bring yourself into very balanced…and internally calm, zen-like feelings of very deep calm thinking and serenity – and learn how to bring yourself into this state of being, at all times…almost whenever you want. 

Feel greater thinking power, and meditation that is very powerful, but also very balanced and – zen-like states of being…are far easier to sink, very deeply into – over time. You will consciously understand what the feeling of deeper and higher intelligence thinking, and meditation feels like and know how to bring yourself into – your own conscious thinking meditation…almost whenever you want.

Have greater thinking speed…at all times, and reprogram your mind, and brain to conscious understand, this whole reality, at greater and higher rates of cognition at all times, while…also, enjoying a zen restorative thinking meditation…at the same time.

This subliminal audio – greatly raises your intelligence and, mildly boosts intuition, and brings you into calmer and more intelligent ways of living and being, with active – conscious highly intelligent thinking, and meditation, easier than you ever thought possible. 

This subliminal uses my 1st generation technology…and can help change your…thinking mind, brain – and zen life, for incredible mind and (spiritual) incredible…evolution. 

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