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Become Maximally Positive

Become Maximally Positive was created to bring your mind – brain, and routine thinking into much more positive and powerful territory. This is a very intense transformation away from negativity and complaints – and brings you to embrace impossible new ideas, thought patterns and even habits…that help you live a more positive and powerful life -altogether and routinely as a daily phenomenon.  

You are guided to… 

Release all that holds you back from being and sustaining being positive long term. 

Helps destroy negative thought patterns in a way that you can finally break free from generally bad thinking – and negativity in general. 

Guides you to understand how to develop new beneficial thoughts, then reprograms your brain and mind to think very differently…positively – over time, which is something you can only experience to truly believe. 

(…does not contain emotional healing, or past mental and trauma removal and healing – that is found in other subliminals)

This subliminal uses the 2nd generation of my subliminal technologies…and was created to give you a positive life boost, and small sample of what my audios can do –

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