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The Matrix Revealer

The Matrix Revealer is made to open your eyes to the next dimesions that are sitting right in frotn of you. If you truly want to wake up within this very dynamic reality – dial into a very hefty dose of reality, and feel into how impossibly metaphoric and untangled everything gets…

When you finally open your soul and eyes…and see how crazy different everything becomes – when big brother and reptilian influenced is pulled away. Be Warned: This subliminal brings you into the universe of the angels and big brother and destroys the blocks that keep you seeing reality as just work, personal life…and nothing else. 

You are guided to…

Understand this very dynamic world, and universe in terms of big brother and how they relate to the angels – and other higher and possibly other worldly beings. 

You are brought to understand your own spiritual life in a very open and clear way – thereby helping you to understand what else you need to do in order to ascend within your own life. 

Release the chains that bind your mind to absolute chaos and misery, and open yourself to a world of – very impossible possibilities and mental rebirth. 

(…this subliminal does not cover emotional and mental healing – and that is covered in other subliminals)

This subliminal uses the 1st generation of my subliminal technologies…and is designed to bring your mind and perception into a land and reality…beyond all conscious thought – and expectations…

— — —

If you want the 1st generation of this subliminal – I highly recommend…starting slow upfront, and then perhaps progressing to the 2nd generation…possibly later, when you can handle a stronger and more powerful subliminal.

Click Here – To Buy The Matrix Revealer $135

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If you are ready for the 2nd generation of this subliminal, and have approved usage through myself…I invite you to buy the 2nd generation, from the link below…

Click Here – To Buy The Matrix Revealer $187


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